Blank Canvas


Blank Canvas Backpack

This bag is designed in response to the mental checklist we create to make sure we have what we need for our day. It opens to lay flat with various sized pockets dedicated to specific items carried most often by students (research driven).

 With reference to tool bags, and briefcases this bag was designed for a student who is always working in different areas. It can carry a variety of things like laptops, notebooks, pencils/pens, chargers, and a water bottle. It can be hung at studio or rest on the ground. It can hold your belongings not only in the pockets but the space between the two sides.


This bag lives within a set of objects which use only canvas and leather for their construction (the West Coast Desert Duck Boot, and a jumpsuit). While each item has it's own context, when they come together they create a cohesive survival set for future living. 


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