Linear Volume


"When we combine linear forms we can create volume."

connection research4.jpg


When asked to create volume from linear elements I immediately thought of thread, string, and rope as linear elements commonly made into volume (shoes, clothing, weaving, ect.). 

I started to explore the properties of rope and thread and discovered a technique of coiling rope and connecting it with a zigzag stitch.  From this I played with different ways to create forms, both intentional and through exploration.  I took inspiration from woven baskets, ceramics and traditional water jug forms. Ultimately, I was drawn to forms that happened naturally through the process of stitching.

Final forms_project1_altheafyfe_2.jpg

The ripple effect - A form that came naturally out of this exploration. This form is what i consider to be the most beautiful in the end because it shows a respect and understanding for the material and process at work.  


Thank you for viewing.